SEP sesam Jaglion V2

SEP sesam version Jaglion - the hybrid of jaguar and lion symbolises the combination of the best features that have been impressively implemented with the latest version of SEP sesam Hybrid Backup. Jaglion includes even more diverse new features and adapts even better to the growing needs of changing IT environments. But not only new agents, but also significantly improved features, variety, performance, data security and usability will make your life easier. The SEP sesam backup and recovery software is so far unique in the EU. Especially the range of functions, the performance and the user friendliness stand out. Our software was developed to be able to restore data extensively and with high reliability. 

Special ransomware protection: SEP Immutable Storage (SiS) offers a file storage function that is resistant to ransomware attacks and is based on Si3 NG under Linux. Even with full admin access to the SEP sesam backup server, attackers cannot delete, modify or encrypt the data stored on SiS.

The use of Si3 NG inline deduplication also makes it possible to detect duplicate data fragments and thus optimise the recovery process. This is because duplicate documents are only recovered once. Previous recovery systems usually only restore all or selected data, which causes significant additional work. SEP data recovery is more reliable and, thanks to the aforementioned data optimisation, faster than conventional systems. Even more security is provided by Si3 NG encryption for Si3 deduplication. This protects your data from unauthorised access and contributes to compliance. More independence is provided by the powerful Si3 NG deduplication storage for different storage locations. With Jaglion V2, Object Storage is supported, i.e. with SEP sesam Jaglion V2 and Si3 NG, data can be backed up directly in the S3 Cloud, Local S3 Object Storage, in Microsoft Azure and in Azure Blob Storage.

The use of the latest hardware and software technologies and the developed interfaces allow data recovery from different systems and increase performance, scalability and backup speed. Furthermore, SEP sesam is easier to maintain than other systems and its reliability is higher than that of other systems due to its complex design. There is currently no comparable system on the market in the EU that provides such an overall performance and delivers the technical data security for the GDPR.

SEP sesam V2 will soon be available as a Community Edition. This Community Edition will be free of charge and available for individuals and small businesses. We will inform you about this.


Jaglion Video

On Demand Webinar | Backup Hot Topics & Jaglion V1+V2

Simplification/ User-friendliness

  • Web Restore Assistant – even broader support

  • Simple browser-based recovery of many databases & applications

  • Ensuring the completeness of the backup -forgetting impossible! -> Extensive engine for rule-based automation of job creation of new VMs or DBs

  • For all hypervisors, simplify at a glance the backup of a large number of VMs and automate the process.

  • New GUI and WebUI options

  • Display of VMs in Vcenter structure

  • OLVM: New task type for agentless snapshot-based backups of all virtual machines

  • New functions for EU GDPR  compliance through simplified media management


  • SEP sesam Support for Object Storage (S3-compatible cloud and Azure Blob Storage)

  • Powerful deduplication storage for different storage locations

  • Nutanix AHV Support – 10th hypervisor

  • Fail-safe change tracking based on Resilient Change Tracking (RCT) for securing Hyper-V virtual machines

  • HPE Cloud Volumes - direct HPE backups and especially replications to the cloud

  • Enlargement/Update of the Support Matrix

  • Extended SEP sesam REST API V2

  • Sparse Files Support for Linux Sparse files

Performance & Optimization

  • Improved performance, scaling and storage savings - Si3-NG Dedup

  • 20% - 40% faster recovery and migration through optimised tape processing

  • VFS (Sesam Virtual File System) performance improvements enable 100x faster access to vSphere VMs booted directly from SEP sesam datastore.

  • Improved performance and massively increased scalability: Windows Backup Server optionally based on PostgreSQL


  • SiS - SEP Immutable Storage (Unchangeable storage)

  • Encryption of the Si3 NG Deduplication Store

  • New authentication & authorisation concept

  • Certificate-based authentication

  • Backup role for MSPs and IT-centric customers

  • MSP options: Account-based permissions for VMs, new MSP report

  • Immutability of backups: HPE StoreOnce & Immutable Flag

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SEP Jaglion - News and advantages for you

Simplification & User-friendliness

Web Restore Assistent

  • The Web Restore Assistant has been extended with many new functions and task types and now supports the restoration of new task types (Nutanix AHV, MS SQL, HCL Domino, Micro Focus, GroupWise, OLVM, IMAP, NetIQ/Micro Focus eDirectory, Micro Focus iFolder, PostgreSQL and MySQL, etc.) and offers additional restore options. You can perform a regular restore or write your backups to dump files. This restores the data to a single file rather than to its original location. In the SEP sesam configuration settings, the Web Restore Assistant can now be set as the default restore tool.

  • Single-file restore for virtual machines is also supported (except Proxmox VE).

  • Web Exchange Restore: With SEP sesam Exchange Recovery Pro it is possible to perform a single Exchange mailbox database restore via the Web Restore Assistant (with appropriate rights).

  • VMware Sandbox Restorewith the Restore Assistant offers improved functionality and usability of the restore options, i.e. the use of run and execute commands of the VMware Guest tools.

Ensuring the completeness of the backup - forgetting impossible!

  • Comprehensive engine for rule-based automation of job creation of new VMs or DBs connected to the same host.

OLVM:New task type

  • New task type for agentless snapshot-based backups of all OLVM virtual machines regardless of their workload or operating system.

Web UI expansions

  • SEP sesam Web UI now provides a more detailed overview of jobs and tasks, improved monitoring of the SEP sesam environment and the ability to perform various operations, e.g. running or locking backups, restarting failed jobs, etc.

GUI expansions

  • You can now use the case sensitive option to ensure that upper and lower case letters are treated equally when sorting the results. Also, with the new filter option, you can set a delay for reloading data when you change the filter(s).

  • When creating a backup job on Linux, you can now set that deleted or changed files are not reported as errors.

  • You can now simply start replication immediately under Activities -> Immediate Start -> Replication.

New functions for DSGVO compliance through simplified media management

  • Tape expiry of a tape provides a new option to erase all metadata, which deletes all metadata from the tape media and initialises the tape (when the tape is mounted in a drive), removing access to all existing data on the tape. DSGVO compliance and RTBF (Right to be forgotten) can thus be taken into account..

SEP Jaglion - Diversity

SEP sesam Support of Object Storage: S3-compatible Cloud and Azure Blob Storage

Backup Direct to Object Storage 

With SEP sesam Jaglion V2 and Si3 NG you can back up your data directly to S3 Cloud, Local S3 Object Storage, Microsoft Azure and Azure Blob Storage. Back up your data directly to Azure Blob Storage and restore the items you want directly from there. After an initial full backup of your virtual and physical environment, you can use any backup level (including differential and incremental backups) to back up only new data to Blob Storage.

Since S3 is an open API standard and AWS Simple Storage Service is an example of the implementation of the standard, SEP sesam Si3 NG can also be used with other S3-compatible cloud implementations. Configuring and managing Si3 NG in an S3-compatible cloud implementation is similar to Backup to S3 Cloud Storage and follows the same process and rules provided for using Si3 NG with S3. 

Restore Direct from Object Storage - Powerful recovery

The new Si3 NG can detect duplicate data fragments to optimise the restore process. Use the Web Restore Wizard or the GUI Restore Wizard to instantly restore your data. Restoring a single file is easy as you can use the search function to find the backup you want and start the restore process at the original or another location.

Si3 NG uses Azure Blob Storage in the same way as on-premises storage, so you can use your Azure Blob Storage to securely store and retrieve your business data anytime, anywhere.

Multiple media pools

With Si3 NG, you can create multiple media pools to ensure scalability and granularity of backup jobs. You can create separate media pools, e.g. for daily differential and incremental and weekly full backup jobs or for migration and replication, and you can set a different retention time for each media pool.

Powerful deduplication storage for different storage locations

  • Si3 NG offers excellent performance and support for multiple storage locations. Si3 NG supports any directly attached hard disk, provides global deduplication with source-side (Si3S) and target-side (Si3T) deduplication, replication and encryption, and enables Single File Restore (SFR) and Instant Recovery.

Even more hypervisors - Nutanix AHV

  • Backup and restore is now supported for Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV). The Nutanix AHV module is supported on SEP sesam Linux Server and on SEP sesam Windows Server, using a Linux client as data mover. With Nutanix AHV SEP sesam now supports the 10th hypervisor!

Simple Backup and Restore of Nutanix AHV

SEP Sesam on Youtube

Fail-safe change tracking for Hyper-V

  • For Microsoft Windows Server 2016 or higher, the Resilient Change Tracking (RCT) feature is supported to back up Hyper-V virtual machines. Similar to CBT for VMware and Citrix, the incremental backup technology RCT for Hyper-V detects changes at block level and only backs up the data that has changed since the last incremental backup. This allows VMs to be backed up more quickly and saves storage space at the same time.

HPE Cloud Volumes Storage

  • In addition to HPE StoreOnce Catalyst storage and HPE Cloud Bank storage, you can now use HPE Cloud Volumes as backup storage. The HPE Cloud Volumes solution provides efficient direct backup, replication and recovery.

Enlargement of the support matrix - even more covered!

Extended SEP sesam REST API V2

  • The SEP sesam REST API V2 has been extended to support a wide range of use cases. A large number of new endpoints have been added.

Sparse Files Support

  • SEP sesam now offers support for Linux sparse files to prevent running out of disk space during recovery.

SEP Jaglion - Performance & Optimization

Improved performance, scaling and storage savings - Si3-NG Dedup

  • Si3-NG - the significantly optimised SEP deduplication combines the previous great added values with considerably improved and completely new functionalities.

  • Global deduplication completely via backup, replication and client-side deduplication

  • Very effective algorithm for best dedup rates

  • Complete inline in-memory without post-processing

  • Significantly increased performance in backup, restore and migration, which according to previous benchmarks is almost on a level with the performance of a native DataStore.

  • Extension of the previous limits with regard to logical as well as physical data volumes.

  • Improved scaling through optimised redesign of CPU usage via parallel threads

  • "Direct-to-S3" without the diversions via local storage for cost- and performance-optimised operation in AWS or for using SDS storage

  • Support for direct migration from Si3 to Si3-NG

20% - 40% faster recovery and migration

  • through optimised tape processing

VFS (Sesam Virtual File System) performance improvements

  • VFS (Sesam Virtual File System) performance improvements enable 100x faster access to vSphere VMs booted directly from the SEP sesam datastore.

Improved performance and massively increased scalability

  • Support for PostgreSQL on Windows. The SEP sesam server can now optionally be installed based on PostgreSQL with improved performance and massively improved scalability.

SEP Jaglion - Security

SiS - SEP Immutable Storage (unchangeable storage)

SiS is a very effective protection against ransomware attacks, as backups are increasingly becoming one of the targets of attacks, so these ransomware attacks could delete, modify or encrypt the backups. 

SEP Immutable Storage, also called Si-Storage or SiS, prevents this!

SEP sesam Immutable Storage for directly attached Linux Filesystem Storage ensures that stored data remains completely static in its original and unaltered form throughout its lifetime. This means that organisations can quickly recover from a ransomware attack, even if they have lost access to their data and servers, by using stored data copies that have remained unchanged and intact to restore the entire operating environment.

With SiS, even with full admin access to the SEP sesam backup server, the attackers cannot delete the backup data or modify or encrypt it in any way. So it doesn't matter if the attacker has gained control of your backup servers, as you always have the uncompromised data and it can be used to restore your entire environment. SiS is based on the Si3 NG Deduplication Store, a special type of data store required for Si3 deduplication. Si3 NG is a new generation of Si3 data store that offers high performance for backup, restore and migration, as well as direct backup to S3. The new SiS functionality additionally offers built-in security features to maintain data integrity, such as a WORM (Write-Once-Read-Many) function, definable immutability (retention time to be set), audit logs, etc.

Based on the File Protection Service (FPS), which scans the file system and sets the Immutable Bit for all new objects, all data stored on SiS is marked as immutable at the time of storing and can no longer be changed. No object stored on SiS can be changed in any way: It cannot be renamed or removed, no links can be made to these objects, and its metadata cannot be accessed or changed. The objects with immutable attributes can only be displayed in read mode.

SiS is a storage location that can be written to once and read as often as necessary. This applies to all media pools connected to the SiS data store.

SiS Highlights at a glance

Resistant against ransomware attacks
Immutability ensures that the data is static, unchangeable and cannot be deleted. Attackers can therefore not change, encrypt or delete it, even if they have gained access to your backup environment.

Resistant to human error & malicious insider threats
No one from the inside, regardless of their role in the company and their user status, can intentionally or accidentally manipulate or delete the data.

Adherence to data security and compliance regulations
SiS can ensure that data is retained in accordance with industry and regulatory requirements by guaranteeing the immutability and authenticity of the data. The immutability guarantees the integrity of the data and its deletion after a certain period of time (retention time to be set).

Legal obligation to keep records
Ensures data authenticity in the event of litigation and the secure storage of sensitive information for a specified period of time.

Encryption of the Si3 NG Deduplication Store - Security also during deduplication

  • Si3 NG encryption for Si3 deduplication protects your data from unauthorised access and helps maintain compliance. Si3 NG encryption can be activated simply by specifying and confirming the encryption password. Without the password, the Si3 data store data can no longer be read.

New Authentication & Authorisation Concept

  • SEP sesam Jaglion has changed the authentication concept. Now only a user with superuser rights can configure authentication and assign authorisations (ACLs) to created users. The internal users can be authenticated via a signed certificate instead of a user password.

Certificate-based authentication

  • With database-based authentication enabled, it is now possible to authenticate users via a signed certificate instead of a user password. Users from external authentication sources (LDAP/AD) cannot be authenticated with a certificate (only with a password).

Backup role for MSPs and IT-centric clients

  • The separate roles enable separate management and backup data keeping.

MSP Options

  • Account-based permissions for VMs, new MSP report

Immutability of backups: HPE StoreOnce & Immutable Flag

  • Catalyst stores can be configured with a data immutability period via the StoreOnce console. During the specified time period, the backup application(s) accessing the store cannot delete backups whose retention period is shorter than this specified time period. This provides additional protection against malicious or accidental deletion of backup data when the roles of backup application administrator and StoreOnce system administrator are performed by different people.

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