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Let our configurator guide you easily and enter the data of your IT environment in a few minutes. You will then receive your offer from us. The new unit license model is based on units (computing units such as VMs or physical servers) and different unit levels (tiers) depending on the unit usage. The advantages are the easy configuration with few license components and the scaling (number of units, frontend data volume and number of users).

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Configuring the SEP Unit License Model

Configuring the SEP Unit License Model

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Generic Rules
  • Backup Infrastructure (Disk, Tape, Cloud, Si3) is always included
  • A unit will always be counted when there is a backup configured
  • The Backup Server will always be counted as a Tier 2 unit at least
  • More features than a VM snapshot requires at least Tier 2
  • Level 2 Application requires always Tier 2
  • Level 3 Application requires always Tier 3
  • Data Volume is always measured in Frontend TB
  • Data Volume does not distinguish between Tier 2 or Tier 3
  • Dedicated Virtualization Hosts are not counted as units
  • Deactivated clients are still counted as units
  • To increase the included volume or users you can either add extension units or Tier units
  • Level 3 Applications comprises the enterprise databases SAP, Oracle, DB2, Domino and Informix
  • Level 2 Applications comprises all applications except level 3
    e.g. MS Applications, MySQL, Postgres, Groupwise
Unit Definitions
Tier 1 VMs, which are backed up only via hypervisor snapshots includes
  • 1 TB Data Volume
Tier 2 Physical server or VM with a backup client installed and configured tasks for
  • File Backup
  • Level 2 Applications
  • BSR
  • NDMP
     or if it is the Backup Server.
     This unit includes
  • 10 Users
  • 1 TB Data Volume
Tier 3 Physical server or VM with a backup client installed and configured tasks for
  • Level 3 Applications
     This unit includes all Tier 2 features and therefore explicitly includes
  • 1 TB Data Volume
  • 10 Users
  • Extension of 50 Users
Data Volume
  • Extension of 10 TB Data Volume
Step 1: Specify the Number of Units!
Step 2: Specify the Tier of the VM's!
Step 3: Specify the Tier of the Physical Servers!
Step 4: Volume Calculation!
Step 5: User Calculation!
Step 6: Summary of Units!
Step 7: How many years should be calculated?
Price Table
TYPEQTYUnit PriceList Price for 1 year(s)Unit PriceSubscription Price for 1 year(s)
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