SEP sesam for Proxmox Virtualization


SEP sesam provides efficient data protection for virtual machines (VMs) running on Proxmox. Proxmox VE is a Debian-based open source virtualization platform for running virtual machines with a web interface. The environment is based on QEMU with the kernel-based virtual machine. Virtual machine-consistent backup requests a snapshot of the VM. After creation, the snapshot is exported to a SEP sesam backup medium.


Hypervisor change

Are you planning a hypervisor switch to Proxmox or another hypervisor? We can provide you with the right backup solution for your virtualization platform(s). Let us advise you and arrange a free expert consultation with us.

SEP sesam Proxmox Backup Solution - The Development

The functionalities and possibilities of SEP sesam backup for Proxmox will be further expanded and improved in cooperation with Proxmox in the future. SEP is currently working on a solution to extend the backup options for Proxmox to include incremental backups and snapshot backup. The function will be available soon. In addition, the SEP sesam solution offers much more than the backup of Proxmox and provides you with a standardized backup solution for your entire IT environment. Stay on the ball with us.

SEP sesam: the comprehensive data backup solution for your entire IT environment

In addition, SEP sesam is the comprehensive data backup solution for the entire IT environment from on-premise to cloud, physical and virtual, for heterogeneous environments, databases, immutable solutions against ransomware and to cover compliance requirements such as GDPR, NIS-2, etc.

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