Backup with Ransomware Protection and more

Protect your data against ransomware with a data protection solution that offers various protection mechanisms and can even protect the backups against ransomware.
In addition to various features and functionalities that provide technical security for the implementation of compliance requirements such as GDPR, NIS 2, IT-SIG, etc., there are immutable functions that also specifically protect against ransomware infection of the backup data.

SEP Immutable Storage

SiS: SEP Immutable Storage offers a file storage function that is resistant to ransomware attacks and is based on SEP sesam's own deduplication technology "Si3 NG" for Linux. This offers optimal ransomware protection, because even if hackers have gained access to the backup server, the backup data stored in this way is unchangeable. 



Immutable for Windows-based storage - backup data protected in this way is immutable. Ransomware protection is built on proven application whitelisting technologies and prevents any modification of data without explicit authorization. Blocky4sesam™ protects against malware even if it has entered the application and the Blocky software has been corrupted. 


S3 Object Lock

Immutable Storage from S3 (with SEP sesam version Apollon). It will use the object lock function to protect data from modification or deletion, i.e. a time is specified (lock retention) and for that time the data cannot be modified by SEP sesam. The data is thus protected against unintentional changes and also against ransomware attacks.

Tape (Airgap)

Backup data saved on tape media offline and thus not accessible / not corruptible in the event of an attack.

SEP Security

SEP puts security first and covers various security aspects that other vendors cannot offer, as SEP develops the software in Germany/Europe and provides service and support from Germany. For example, security-relevant aspects such as no built-in backdoors are guaranteed in the SEP solution. 


SEP – an excellent solution.

Leader for the third time in a row in techconsult's PUR-S "Backup & Recovery" 2023 user rating.



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