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SEP sesam Beefalo – The evolution of Hybrid Backup

With Proxmox VE and XCP-ng now 8 virtualization platforms are supported. Optimized access to HPE StoreOnce / Catalyst. Cloud Backup for Office 365, Salesforce and G Suite. New GUI simplifies administration considerably

Holzkirchen – August 2019 – The new version SEP sesam Beefalo is a big step towards a universal backup and restore solution for different virtual environments as well as cloud-to-cloud backup for cloud applications. SEP, manufacturer of platform-independent hybrid backup and disaster recovery solutions, now supports eight hypervisors natively. The new additions are Proxmox VE and the free Citrix variant XCP-ng. The HPE StoreOnce / Catalyst API is now also supported for HPE environments. A further highlight is the Cloud App Protection Service for Office 365, Salesforce and G Suite, which ncludes the required storage space and ensures backup and recovery of your cloud application  data in the cloud environments. Additionally SEP sesam Beefalo supports the extended DIFF and INCR backup levels of IBM Domino. This simplifies backup configuration for differential and incremental backups. The new features are rounded off by a new GUI, which has an optimized structure and new icons to manage the most diverse backup environments in a single interface. Now also available with a resolution of 4K. Numerous further interfaces to various IT solutions have also been integrated. The users of SEP sesam Beefalo have many options  to secure their heterogeneous and hybrid IT environments with only one backup and recovery solution. The new version is now available. A 30-day full version, including support, is available at

Virtualization environments are becoming more and more diverse. SEP sees an average of two to three different virtualization platforms in use among its customers. By supporting the open source virtualization platforms Proxmox VE, which is based on Debian, and XCP-ng, a free XenServer-based solution, SEP sesam Beefalo is leading the market for virtual environment protection. SEP continues to make improvements and with the new version,  commercial virtualization platforms are even better supported. For example, VMware can perform a sandbox restore to test the recovered VM. With the Citrix Hypervisor, single file restore is possible. By providing backup for the leading cloud environments Office 365, Salesforce and Google G Suite, the universal backup solution is even more versatile with our new Cloud Application Protection. Most users who have migrated their on premise applications to the cloud are unaware that they are still responsible for backing up these applications, and most cloud application vendors do not provide backup as part of their services.. Through our new partnership with HPE, SEP fully supports the HPE portfolio for backup storage optimally. With our fully tested and certified solution, SEP sesam Beefalo can directly use the Catalyst and StoreOnce functions and address the HPE security appliances as a target. 


SEP sesam Beefalo now allows multiple AD or LDAP sources for authentication. SEP has simplified the operation considerably with a new GUI. The improvments to the GUI, amodern design, which differs most clearly from the previous versions by new icon sets and revised layouts, makes the use even more intuitive. In addition, HiDPI displays with resolutions of 4K and higher are now also addressed. MSP customers can look forward to the new location filters, which allow reporting and viewing at the individual location level. In addition to reporting, the Web UI now also includes a restore wizard that supports files and directories as well as all hypervisors. In addition, there is now an improved e-mail reporting, which uses HTML templates by default.

Georg Moosreiner, CEO and co-founder of SEP, comments on the launch of the new version: "Our customers use between two and three different hypervisors in their IT environments. Since there are also very relevant alternatives in the open source area, we are pleased that we can now support a total of eight virtualization platforms with Proxmox VE and XCP-ng. The new collaboration with HPE and the associated appeal to StoreOnce and Catalyst as the target medium also makes us even more relevant in larger environments. And thanks to the new GUI, administration has become even clearer and simpler. A successful new release that gives our customers a flexible solution for all their needs".

The name "Beefalo" refers to a hybrid animal, as in the previous versions. This time the mixture of bison and beef. The data backup solution SEP sesam is "Made in Germany" - from development to support - and secures a multitude of virtual environments, operating systems, applications and databases. The universal support of complex system environments sets SEP's solution apart from its competitors, which has been proven by customer surveys, among others by Gartner and techconsult. This makes it possible to consolidate multiple backup systems into a centrally managed hybrid backup solution. By the consistent conversion of the defaults by the European Union GDPR enterprises can use besides a safe solution for their data security, particularly if they attach great importance to quality, accessibility of the support and no backdoors.



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