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Medium-sized companies & GDPR

Invalidated data protection agreement "Privacy Shield" is causing a lot of trouble for companies and especially medium-sized businesses - but solutions are available!

The Privacy Shield data protection agreement, which was invalidated by the European Court of Justice (ECJ), causes challenges for German and European companies from enterprise to medium-sized businesses. The legal basis for personal data transfer to US-American providers is thus no longer applicable. Up to now, approximately 5000 companies have used the Privacy Shield agreement to transfer data to the USA. A solution or a new agreement seems not to be quickly expacted, as the upcoming US presidential election in particular does not make it easy to plan a timeframe for the preparation of a new agreement. (vgl. Handelsblatt)

According to Eckhard Schwarzer (President of the Mittelstandsverbund ZGV), medium-sized businesses are particularly hard hit, as they are particularly strongly affected by this, as it has a strong impact on operational processes. He even went so far as to say: "There are currently no alternatives to US IT providers. Even if Europe's goal should continue to be the establishment of a sovereign data economy, the technological lead of the USA cannot be caught up in the medium term".(vgl. Handelsblatt )

What seems to be ignored in these statements is that there are indeed German/European offerings that provide these solutions and these are not behind the USA in terms of technology. 

The cloud location is a decisive factor, although not the only one. Other factors include organizational and technical measures that must be added and must fit, and there are corresponding opportunities in Germany and Europe, see also Cloud Computing Insider:;

SEP sesam Hybrid Backup is "Made in Germany" and is also used by various MSPs in Germany and Europe and is therefore an ideal solution for the data transfer of companies according to GDPR guidelines. Likewise the SEP Cloud Application Protection Services (CAPS) for Office 365, Salesforce, G Suite and Dynamics 365 fulfill the Compliance & EU-GDPR requirements. The SEP Hybrid Backup solution itself provides the technical security for GDPR by means of various features and mechanisms. More information can be found in the whitepaper by IT specialist lawyer Dr. Jens Bücking.

The SEP solution secures all relevant physical and virtual environments, operating systems, databases & applications up to the entire SAP Solution Stack and this guaranteed without any backdoors. SEP integrates into hyper-convergent infrastructures. The components of the IT infrastructure such as server, storage, VMs and network can be combined and secured to a single software-defined backup system. The individual infrastructure components are also decoupled from the hardware on the backup side and can be centrally administered and monitored. In addition, SEP offers 24×7 German language  support.

There are therefore many good reasons to take a closer look at the SEP Backup/Recovery solution and the MSPs or MSP offers. From the technical level this solution is internationally competitive and it also solves the problems concerning the missing data protection agreement with the USA.

Author: Andreas Mayer (SEP Senior Marketing Manager)

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