Virtual Machine Backup & Disaster Recovery

When designing a virtual environment, a comprehensive backup and recovery strategy must be considered before implementation. Utilizing best practices that centralize management and process controls will ensure easy monitoring and the security of an environment.

SEP offers outstanding backup options for virtual platforms, including VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Red Hat Virtualization (RHV), Citrix XenServer, and XEN. SEP virtual solutions are fully integrated, are easily installed enterprise-wide and allow for the maximum flexibility when designing backup strategies.


  • Agentless technology
  • SAN-ready backup strategy
  • Single-file restore for Windows, Linux, Unix and NSS volumes on Novell
  • Server snapshots on Linux and VSS for Windows
  • Restore to other hosts, HA clusters or pools
  • Keep a disaster recovery site in sync for a hot or cold availability solution
  • Disaster Recovery synchronizes VMs to another cluster or pool at an offsite location
  • Convert between virtual and physical servers [V2P and P2V]
  • Encryption

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