SEP Tachometer - a Great Way to Save Money!

Analyze your Savings with the SEP sesam Si3 Deduplication Technology

With SEP Tachometer we provide you a flexible data analyzation tool which enables you to analyze your data easily, fast and for free.

How SEP Tachometer works:

  • Install SEP Tachometer on your Windows, Linux or Mac machine.
  • Thanks to SEP Tachometer, you'll be able to analyze your local SEP sesam DataStore or any other mounted storage (even NFS shares).
  • SEP Tachometer analyzes the structure of your data and calculates potential savings using SEP sesam Si3 deduplication.
  • Results are provided in a comprehensible graphical layout, allowing you to gain a fast and easy overview of your potential data savings.

The following results are displayed:

  • Potential backup storage saving
  • Total count of analyzed files
  • File size ranking
  • Statistical evaluation of file extensions
  • Statistical evaluation of file sizes by extension

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    SEP sesam Si3 Deduplication for Windows & Linux Servers

    Hardware-Independent Backup Solution to Handle the Flood of Data:

    SEP Si3 Inline Deduplication is a patented block level deduplication and replication solution. Using this technology, the amount of utilized physical storage can be reduced dramatically. This results in decreasing costs of storing data on hard disks. This deduplication solution will help you to introduce a streamlined data management and will fully utilize your storage saving potentials.

    Your benefits:

    • Storage savings up to 90%
    • Plug and Play with just one click
    • Basis for bandwidth-friendly replication in distributed environments
    • Extendible without a limit in size
    • Independent of hard- and software
    • Saving of storage hardware
    • Implementation of cold standby scenarios in the cloud
    • Reduction of power consumption and air conditioning costs

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