Backing Up Databases


With SEP sesam, backing up your databases has never been easier.  This solution is able to back up the database and database instances directly to any storage media without intermediate storage on the file system. The database communicates directly with SEP sesam and the database management console provides a view of all available databases. 

Featured Benefits:

  • Full system (database) recovery or a point-in-time recovery options
  • SEP sesam ensures data integrity in the event of a restore or recovery
  • No file system overwrite; the backup does not take place on the client computer
  • No file system overwrite caused by the redologs, which are deleted automatically after backup
  • Prevents single point of failure with the backup server in a separate virtual backup location
  • Disaster recovery is managed within SEP sesam GUI and is more easily controlled

SEP sesam supports a wide range of databases, including: Oracle, MS SQL, IBM DB2, Informix SAP R/3, MaxDB and more.  

Full list of supported databases can be found on the SEP Wiki:


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