SEP Easy Archive

Archiving Made Simple and Efficient

SEP Easy Archive uses WORM (Write Once, Read Many) Technology to prevent unintentional loss or deletion of data, including unauthorized edits or changes. The predetermined Data Store is always available to authorized users for a specified archival time. Existing data stores and files can be added to the archive at any time.

SEP Easy Archive writes to NTFS formatted disk drives and raid arrays, which can be easily clustered. Computer systems running in virtual environments can also be easily added.

SEP Easy Archive is a valuable enhancement to any backup architecture, providing a fully-featured archiving solution to meet all legal and government requirements. Using the SEP data store, users can decide where data should be stored and when it should be erased. Document management software solutions can also easily utilize SEP Easy Archive to protect data on secured disk drives.

Key Features
Unalterable WORM Technology (Data cannot be changed)
Compliant (GdPdU / GoBs / SOX / HIPPA)
Ideal addition to SEP sesam
Maximize data integrity using Storage Replication
Archival set manually as desired
Directory or File Level
Manage Access to Data via the Operating System

Every NTFS File System can be archived

Raid Support
Cluster Support
Hypervisor Support
VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix Xen, ...
File System can be archived later
Archival Periods can be selected and changed at a later date
Highly Scalable
Simple Installation and Administration
Data is erased after Archive date is reached
Application Independent
Supported Architectures
32 & 64 Bit
Evaluation Period
30 Days Unlimited

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