IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Server

SEP offers high-performance backup and recovery solutions for Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino server. With the Lotus Notes extension for SEP, system administrators can set consistent backup policies across the enterprise, quickly identify critical files, and easily restore when necessary.

Key Features

Mailbox Database / Complete Server

Backup methods
Backup types
Full, Incremental (Transaction Logs), Copy
Lotus backup API support
Point-in-time recovery
Supported platforms
Linux & Windows
Backup of Partition Servers
DAOS support
Domino cluster support
active-active, active-passive
Restore to different Notes and Domino versions
same version or greater
Recover to different servers
Version support
IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 4.6 or greater
Management Interface integration
  • Flexible Backup Method - Support for scheduled, unattended, manual, and user backups, allowing end users to back up and restore preselected data.
  • Alternate Restoration Techniques - With backups not tied to a specific backup server, SEP can restore Lotus data on an alternate system or in an alternate directory.
Callback Service